When people think of discourse communities, they often think of the ones where members actively participate and communicate with each other, so it may be surprising to some to find that a website is a discourse community. Cplusplus.com, like Swales's stamp collecting discourse community doesn't actively meet or communicate on a daily or weekly basis, but it has goals, interactions, participation, genres, lexis, and expertise just as every other discourse community does. Cplusplus.com may not be what everyone imagines a discourse community to be, but it follows all the same rules and, therefore, is just like every other.

Cplusplus.com is an online community that aims at improving its members’ C/C++ programming skills, as well as providing an online resource on everything C/C++. This community is composed primarily of C/C++ programmers ranging from people writing their first program, to people who develop software professionally. There are many ways for members to communicate with each other and with the outside world.

Members can go to the C/C++ forums to ask or answer questions or just talk to others, or they can send PMs to each other. Cplusplus.com has information, documentation, and reference pages that members and non-members are able to access in order to learn more about how something works or how to use something in the language. Some of these pages are submitted by users, so the information on cplusplus.com continues to grow, giving people the chance to learn more about something than they would from just one or two articles.

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